Campsite on Horseshoe Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Horseshoe Lake (#672)

Campsite last visited on: August 20, 2023

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Canoe landing is OK and is on north side of point. There are at least four tent pads, a couple of them better than average. The grilling area is probably the campsites best feature; well situated, good views, decent condition. Latrine is old fashioned model well back in the woods. There is a trail that goes all the way across the point on which this campsite is situated. There is another campsite just across the lake from here. Also, this campsite is situated close to the portage to Caribou Lake, so there will be occasional traffic passing by.

Horseshoe Lake Campsite 1
The best landing spot is on the north side of the campsite which is located on a point.

Horseshoe Lake Campsite 2
The fire grate is up on this large rock structure. This is the view as you are walking up from the canoe landing.

Horseshoe Lake Campsite 3
This campsite has a good setup for the fire pit. Nice seating, commanding view of the lake, lots of room to move around. Enough shade on hot days..

Horseshoe Lake Campsite 4
Southern view from the kitchen.

Horseshoe Lake Campsite 5
This tent pad is located below the fire grate down near the canoe landing.

Horseshoe Lake Campsite 6
A good tent pad near the kitchen.

Horseshoe Lake Campsite 7
Another tent pad, not so good.

Horseshoe Lake Campsite 8
Smaller tent pad back in the forest.

Horseshoe Lake Campsite 9
This one has taken a lot of crap.

Horseshoe Lake Campsite 10
Southeast view. You can see BWCA Campsite 677 across the lake to the far left.

Horseshoe Lake Campsite 11
South view of Horseshoe Lake from the campsite.

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