Campsite on Homer Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Homer Lake (#2170)

Campsite last visited on: June 19, 2022

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This campsite is relatively compact. Good landing for canoes and motorized boats. The site has a picnic table since it is not a BWCA campsite. You don't need a BWCA permit to camp here. At least three good tent pads. Reasonably good shoreline access. Fire grate is shaded by a large white pine.

Homer Lake Campsite 1
Good landing at this campsite with a hard, somewhat sandy bottom. Remember that motorboats can use this site as it isn't in the BWCA.

Homer Lake Campsite 2
The picnic table is an extra amenity of this not being a BWCA campsite. The only campsite on Homer Lake that is in the BWCA is the one on the west end of the lake (BWCA Campsite 963).

Homer Lake Campsite 3
This campsite has a really fine setup around the fire grate.

Homer Lake Campsite 4
This is looking toward the east/northeast.

Homer Lake Campsite 5
The tent pads are flat and free of obstructions for the most part.

Homer Lake Campsite 6
Probably the best overall tent pad at this location.

Homer Lake Campsite 7
One more pad backed up against the treeline.

Homer Lake Campsite 8
Johnnie be good.

Homer Lake Campsite 9
Western view down the shoreline of Homer Lake.

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