Campsite on Gabbro Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Gabbro Lake (#1708)

Campsite last visited on: September 6, 2020

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This is a sprawling campsite. There is enough space for half a dozen tents. The fire pit is on the point offering about a 270 degree view of the western bay of Gabbro Lake and the channel between that lake and Little Gabbro Lake. There are minimal food pack hanging branches, so you'll have to be clever. A lot of canoe traffic passes by this campsite, so you'll have some company. Another campsite is easily visible from this one across the bay. The shoreline along the channel between the two lakes is very easy to walk. There are fish to be had in the channel. The expansive shoreline access makes for good starwatching at this campsite. The canoe landing here is a bit rocky and requires a little dexterity to enter and exit your boat.

Gabbro Lake Campsite 1
Canoe landing along the channel. There are two spots to land canoes here in between the large boulders. Overall a pretty mediocre landing area for canoes at this site. Mist is rising off the water on a cool early September morning.

Gabbro Lake Campsite 2
View of the fire pit with your back to the water.

Gabbro Lake Campsite 3
Another look at the kitchen. This view is towards the east.

Gabbro Lake Campsite 4
Finally got the fire going.

Dawn on Gabbro Lake

The video starts just before the eastern sky starts to brighten early in the morning. The brightest star in the sky, Sirius, is visible at the top of the scene and slowly rises as the morning progresses. Occasional glimpses of the bright stars in the constellation Orion the Hunter are faintly visible through the leaves of the bush on the right side of the scene. These are probably the stars Rigel and Betelgeuse. Video ends just a couple minutes before local sunrise. Dawn is officially the period of twilight before sunrise.

Gabbro Lake Campsite 5
Huge campsite. This area is big enough to easily hold four large tents.

Gabbro Lake Campsite 6
Another view of the tent pad area, a little to the right of the view shown above.

Gabbro Lake Campsite 7
This tent spot is a little over to the side of the main area.

Gabbro Lake Campsite 8
The latrine is down a flat trail on the north end of the camp. If you continue just past the biffy down the trail, you enter an open area of the forest with a huge exposed table rock.

Gabbro Lake Campsite 9
Another look at the best canoe landing area (this time during the middle of the day) for this campsite. There are a couple spots between the larger boulders below this table rock where you can dock your boat.

Gabbro Lake Campsite 10
Evening view of the bay to the east of the campsite. The entrance to the main part of Gabbro Lake is visible in the center of your view. Another campsite is located just left of center on that point in the distance (just right of the big boulder island out in the lake).

Gabbro Lake Campsite 11
Sunrise. View towards the east.

Gabbro Lake Campsite 12
Looking west at sunset through the reeds located in a slightly marshy area just to the west of the campsite along the channel.

Walking the shoreline along the channel between Gabbro Lake and Little Gabbro Lake

The shoreline of Little Gabbro Lake is walkable because the water level has been changed by the two dams found in each of its north channels. This is a stroll of nearly 1/3rd of a mile along the north side of the channel that connects Gabbro Lake to Little Gabbro Lake. The walking direction is to the east from Little Gabbro Lake toward Gabbro Lake. It ends at the campsite on the west side of the bay (there is a second campsite in this bay on the east side).

Gabbro Lake Campsite 13
View of Little Gabbro Lake. You can walk between Gabbro Lake and Little Gabbro Lake from this campsite.

Camp mascot. We named him George for some reason.

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