Campsite on Brule Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Brule Lake (#938)

Campsite last visited on: July 3, 2022

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Limited shore access at this campsite. Two viable landing zones for boats. The tent pads are all fairly close in to the fire grate. Doesn't seem like there would be a lot of airflow coming through this site, so may have an insect problem. Well established, flat, but also fairly long latrine trail.

Brule Lake Campsite 1
There are two canoe landings at this campsite and both offer good places to beach your boat. Water is shallow with a firm substrate with some small to medium-sized rocks.

Brule Lake Campsite 2
Fire pit is tucked back in the woods with limited lake views from this location. Seems like it would be well protected from the wind. The bugs weren't bad here, surprisingly.

Brule Lake Campsite 3
Another view of the kitchen setup.

Brule Lake Campsite 4
Tent pads at this campsite are all close in around the sitting area.

Brule Lake Campsite 5
Another tent pad to consider. Closest one to the latrine path (three confirmed) are fairly close to the fire pit (one is slightly back in the woods near the start of the latrine trail). This bay of Brule Lake is somewhat secluded. When almost every campsite on the main part of the lake was occupied, all three campsites in North Bay were available. So try to find a campsite in North Bay if you are still looking for a place to stop late in the day.

Brule Lake Campsite 5a
A tent pad. The fire pit is partially visible in the background at right, behind the tree.

Brule Lake Campsite 6
This is the mildly overgrown tent pad along the latrine trail.

Brule Lake Campsite 7
If you keep walking the latrine trail past the tent pad, you come to the latrine. It's a fine specimen.

Brule Lake Campsite 8
This is the other potential canoe landing spot at this campsite.

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