Campsite on Big Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Big Lake (#2029)

Campsite last visited on: July 11, 2021

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Campsite is very large and can support large groups. Many tent pads. Excellent shoreline access. Many spots where you can easily beach your canoe or boat. Picnic table. Well built fireplace.

Big Lake Campsite 1
Similar to the other campsite on the south point of this island, this campsite has this large exposed table rock that provides easy access to a lot of shoreline.

Big Lake Campsite 2
Southwest view. More of the table rock. Notice how shallow the water is.

Big Lake Campsite 3
Log picnic table and a massive fireplace. Lots of space around the fire pit to roam and spread out.

Big Lake Campsite 4
Another more modern picnic table is also at this campsite. This one is easier to move around. This campsite is not in the BWCA. This campsite on Big Lake is available first come first serve. You don't need a permit. A campsite like this is often used by groups so they can get an early start on their permit entry date or position themselves for an easy exit the next morning. You can pick up a BWCA permit the day before your official entry date.

Big Lake Campsite 5
The fire pit, this time looking toward the southeast.

Big Lake Campsite 6
This campsite is gigantic, so there are plenty of locations for setting up your camp gear.

Big Lake Campsite 7
One of many...

Big Lake Campsite 8

Big Lake Campsite 9
Tent pad near to the shoreline.

Big Lake Campsite 10
Yum! These were growing everywhere around this campsite in July.

Big Lake Campsite 11
The green thing where you do your thing.

Big Lake Campsite 12
Many easy locations to land a canoe at this campsite.

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