Campsite on Banadad Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Banadad Lake (#582)

Campsite last visited on: June 2, 2023

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Could be the best campsite on Banadad Lake. Kitchen is high above the lake with a long slope of exposed rock surface leading down to the lakeshore. Two obvious tent pads, maybe some other spots around the kitchen area that would also work for pitching a tent. Latrine is well located back in the woods. Nice views to the south. Good campsite for stargazers. Canoe landing is not so hot.

Banadad Lake Campsite 1
Canoe landing isn't the best, but certainly not the worst.

Banadad Lake Campsite 2
Kitchen is at the top of the rock slope, well above the lake.

Banadad Lake Campsite 3
The fire pit from another perspective. The rock countertops to the right of the grate are handy.

Banadad Lake Campsite 4
A level and mostly obstruction free tent pad.

Banadad Lake Campsite 5
This spot is for the paddler in your group with the smaller tent (or who drew the short straw).

Banadad Lake Campsite 6
If you have a small solo tent, you can plop it down right here.

Banadad Lake Campsite 7
The head.

Banadad Lake Campsite 8
The sight straight south of the campsite looking at the south shoreline.

Banadad Lake Campsite 9
Small island to the east of the campsite.

Banadad Lake Campsite 10
Taking a gander to the southeast.

Banadad Lake Campsite 11
West view.

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