Campsite on Banadad Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Banadad Lake (#579)

Campsite last visited on: June 2, 2023

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You'll find two tent pads at this site. There are also two landings, both slightly tricky. The fire pit has a good location, but the log seating was in poor repair at time of last visit. Latrine is easy to find and well placed.

Banadad Lake Campsite 1
The landings on Banadad Lake are typically on these sloped rock outcroppings.

Banadad Lake Campsite 2
This campsite has two reasonable landing locations. This is the other one.

Banadad Lake Campsite 3
The fire grate seems relatively under utilized. Camp furniture was in rough shape at the time of last visit. The path to the tent pads and latrine are just to the left of the giant boulder in the background.

Banadad Lake Campsite 4
Standing next to the huge rock near the fire pit and looking in direction of lake.

Banadad Lake Campsite 5
The exposed rock surface makes for a good starwatching platform and also provides a lot of space to lay out gear in need of drying or sorting.

Banadad Lake Campsite 6
This is the better of the two tent pads at this campsite.

Banadad Lake Campsite 7
The other tent pad, obviously used more sparingly.

Banadad Lake Campsite 8
The green monster glistens in the dappled sunlight.

Banadad Lake Campsite 9
South view from the campsite.

Banadad Lake Campsite 10
Peering to the west down long and thin Banadad Lake.

Banadad Lake Campsite 10
Here is a view to the west/southwest.

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