Campsite on Bald Eagle Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Bald Eagle Lake (#1718)

Campsite last visited on: July 28, 2023

This BWCA campsite is just a short paddle east of the Gabbro Lake portage and just west of the Turtle Lake portage on Bald Eagle Lake.

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Large sprawling campsite at the north end of Bald Eagle Lake near the Turtle Lake portage. The campsite is set upon a huge, mostly level outcrop of basalt. There is lots of shoreline access at this campsite. Appears to be two tent pads, but with all the space, you can probably find another one or two places to pitch a tent. The fire pit has expansive views of the lake. The campsite seems to be fairly well protected unless the wind is strong out of the south or southeast.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 1
Extensive basalt rocks create a massive relatively flat area of rock that underlies much of this campsite. Because of this, there are many good places to land your boat here.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 2
Plenty of room about the fire pit.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 3
The kitchen looking in the direction of the lake.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 4
Mediocre tent pad down near the fire grate.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 5
Another less than spectacular tent pad that sits up on a little ledge.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 6
Appears folks forgot their T.P...

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 7
Notice the easily accessible shoreline from this campsite.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 8
This view is towards the southeast. That island is just over 1,000 feet away from the campsite.

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