Campsite on Bald Eagle Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Bald Eagle Lake (#1728)

Campsite last visited on: July 28, 2023

This BWCA campsite is the second campsite north of the mouth of the Isabella River along the eastern shoreline behind a small island on Bald Eagle Lake.

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Campsite is right behind the island. If not for the island, the site could be a little difficult to locate from out on the lake. The landing has lots of small rocks, but overall not too bad. Follow a trail up to the main camp. As of 2023, the remains of a large white pine tree covers some of the camp near the fire grate. Should provide plenty of firewood for some time to come. At least five tent pads at this campsite, a couple of them looked really nice, the rest not so much. The restroom is up a modest hill along an otherwise good trail.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 1
Lots of boulders. There are some open spaces amongst the boulders that are composed of gravel, so footing isn't terrible.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 2
The large tree directly behind the fire grate split. The remains of that tree are just visible to the far left of your view. You won't have to go far for firewood.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 3
Another look at the kitchen. The tree roots make maneuvering around the kitchen a bit more challenging for the chef.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 4
One of the better tent pad. Not large.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 5
The other fairly good tent pad.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 6
Lesser quality tent pad, but will do in a pinch.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 7
Another so-so spot.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 8
Small spot suitable for a solo.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 9
People seem to have a habit of leaving their T.P. rolls behind on this lake. Found three campsites like this.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 10
South view.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 11
North view.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 12
This island is just offshore to the west of the campsite.

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