Campsite on Bald Eagle Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Bald Eagle Lake (#1727)

Campsite last visited on: July 28, 2023

This BWCA campsite is the first site north of the mouth of the Isabella River along the eastern shoreline of Bald Eagle Lake. It's back in the bay.

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The location of this campsite is marked by a series of large boulders just offshore, each separated by a patch of open water. There is also a good-sized pine near the fire grate that is easily visible from the lake. The campsite has four tent pads. One of the pads is quite large and very flat. The other three tent pads are smaller and of lesser quality. The latrine is up the hill along a somewhat rooty trail. The canoe landing has a little muck, but not too shabby overall.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 1
Solid landing composed of a mud-sand mix. You won't sink in too far.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 2
The kitchen.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 3
Another fire grate view. Note the large pine in the background.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 4
A useable tent pad. The tent pad visible in the background is the best one at this site.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 5
You could fit several tents on this five star tent pad.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 6
Another tent pad.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 7
Small tent pad for the introvert in the group.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 8
Number 10 is up a steep hill that is embedded with lots of roots and some rocks.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 9
This campsite fronts a shallow bay. Here you are looking south in the direction of the mouth of the Isabella River.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 10
This line of boulders makes it easy to locate this campsite along the shoreline.

Bald Eagle Lake Campsite 11
This view is to the north/northwest.

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