Campsite on Alton Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Alton Lake (#869)

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Campsite last visited on: July 1, 2023

It's hard to see from the lake, but this is a sizeable campsite. There are four tent pads (two pretty good). Fire pit is placed in a nice location providing a reasonably good view of the lake while also offering respite from the wind. Landing is OK. The campsite is located in the northern, typically more quiet part of Alton Lake.

Alton Lake Campsite 1
Combination of sand and small rocks make it easy to wade in the water here. The landing area is a lift up onto the ledge.

Alton Lake Campsite 2
The grand staircase leading up to the dining area.

Alton Lake Campsite 3
The fire pit.

Alton Lake Campsite 4
Kitchen is in good order.

Alton Lake Campsite 5
Fire grate is well positioned. Has a view of the lake, but some good protection from the wind provided by the surrounding trees.

Alton Lake Campsite 6
Think you'll find this tent pad a bit lumpy.

Alton Lake Campsite 7
Small tent pad. Not bad if you have a solo or two-person tent.

Alton Lake Campsite 8
This is the five star tent pad at this campsite.

Alton Lake Campsite 9
Probably the second best tent pad at this campsite.

Alton Lake Campsite 10
You can just make out the #12 on this old timer. The number on the latrine designates the campsite number on the lake. Not all latrines have a number though.

Alton Lake Campsite 11
This view is to the northeast.

Alton Lake Campsite 12
Gazing off to the southeast in this image. The small island near the campsite is just visible to the right behind the slab of rock.

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