Campsite on Alton Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Alton Lake (#843)

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Campsite last visited on: May 16, 2021

This campsite sprawls along the shoreline for several hundred feet. At least three tent pads, all decent. Has three different places for canoe landings, but all have some rock issues, yet all are managable.

Alton Lake Campsite 1
There are three reasonable canoe landings at this campsite. This is the north one and it is on the north side of the point that the campsite is located on.

Alton Lake Campsite 2
Here is the second landing location.

Alton Lake Campsite 3
And this is number three. All three of them have some big rocks to deal with, but otherwise have solid bottoms and relatively shallow water (knee deep at most).

Alton Lake Campsite 4
Fire pit is fairly close to the water, and also somewhat protected from the wind. The wind can really get going on wide open Alton Lake. Wind should only be an issue if it is straight out of the west.

Alton Lake Campsite 5
Close up of the "kitchen".

Alton Lake Campsite 6
The primary tent pad location is up this stone staircase.

Alton Lake Campsite 7
Here is the master suite for this campsite.

Alton Lake Campsite 8
There is another decent spot located nearby.

Alton Lake Campsite 9
The green planter.

Alton Lake Campsite 10
Looking south from the campsite, down the eastern shoreline of Alton Lake.

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