Campsite on Alder Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Alder Lake (#704)

Campsite last visited on: August 21, 2022

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Fairly small campsite stretched out lengthwise along the shoreline. There are only two obvious tent pads and neither is particularly inviting. Canoe landing is doable, but you'll have to fret with some boulders. Latrine is up the hill. The views of Alder Lake from this campsite are nice.

Alder Lake Campsite 8
Some rock hazards at the campsite's dock. Water is shallow though.

Alder Lake Campsite 1
Sitting area around the fire pit is cozy.

Alder Lake Campsite 2
Another view of the fire pit.

Alder Lake Campsite 3
Probably the best tent pad at this site and that's not saying much.

Alder Lake Campsite 4
If you have a good foam and/or inflatable mattress, this spot could be made to work.

Alder Lake Campsite 5
This campsite only sees occasional use, thus it is weedy and overgrown.

Alder Lake Campsite 6
You will need to do some climbing to get to this.

Alder Lake Campsite 7
Looking toward the east from the campsite.

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