Solitude Lake
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Nearest Entry Point: Snowbank Lake Fishing: Unknown
Maps: Fisher F-11 and McKenzie #8, #9 Lake Depth: Unknown
Bushwhack Rating: Lake Size: 61 acres
Campsites: One (maybe) Wildlife Seen on Visit: Never visited
Last Visited: Never Lake Elevation: 1496 feet
Water Clarity: MN DNR Fire History: No fires in recorded history

Solitude Lake

Spider Lake PMA

Solitude Lake is only 40 rods to the northwest of Ima Lake. The forest in this area is a low, scrub forest which is a result of the 1999 Independence Day windstorm. Because of the windstorm damage, Solitude is very difficult to reach from Ima Lake. The preferred route is from Three Eagle Lake. Approaching from that direction is a bit longer, but the terrain is a more forgiving. However, it is still a tough route.

Drainage of Solitude Lake is via a small creek flowing out the western most tip of the lake. This creek winds its way to the northwest and pours into Ensign Lake. This creek is maybe a mile long and most of it is not navigable.

Solitude Lake will guarantee you solitude if you have the energy to make it there.

There used to be a maintained campsite on the north shore of Solitude Lake. No evidence on old maps of a portage into the lake though.

Approach to Solitude Lake

From the northeast end of Three Eagle Lake, land your canoe along the sandy albeit grassy shoreline. The lake has a sandy bottom in this area and it is easy to get in and out of your watercraft. The forest is a spruce bog and relatively open. Layers of thick moss cover the ground in many places.

Bushwhack to Solitude Lake

From the northeastern end of Three Eagle Lake, bushwhack northeast to the southwestern shore of Solitude Lake. At least at the start of this bushwhack, the forest is relatively open. It appeared to become more dense deeper into the forest. Maps show little elevation change along the route. The entire route is probably slightly boggy.

I have attempted bushwhacking into Solitude Lake from Three Eagle Lake's northeast end (this is now therecommended bushwhacking route). I have also tried to reach Solitude Lake from Ima Lake. Having now tried both routes, future plan is to retry from Three Eagle Lake at some point, as it is certainly easier. The major difference is that the Three Eagle Lake to Solitude Lake bushwhack route does not have blow down damage created by the 1999 Independence Day windstorm.

Failed Bushwhack Attempt from Three Eagle Lake

Doing a bit of recon, you explore the area to the northeast of Three Eagle Lake. Purpose of this recon is to determine how difficult it may be to reach Solitude Lake. (Compare this to the failed bushwhack begun from the Ima Lake direction [below]. Notice the forest here is much more passable.)

Failed Bushwhack Attempt from Ima Lake

Ima Lake near Solitude Lake in the BWCA
Looking for a possible canoe landing that may reveal a bushwhacking trail, you spot this parting in the grass just left of center. Turns out that somebody has landed a canoe here enough to keep this spot from being reclaimed by the wilderness. Your hopes rise a bit when you notice a faint trail, but a trail nonetheless, leading into the forest. Hopes are soon dashed as the trail fades into the woods after about five rods (see video below).

Solitude Lake looks so close to Ima Lake on the map...

Exploring Solitude Lake

There is no information on Solitude Lake. However, old maps from the 1980's show a campsite used to be maintained on the north shore of the lake. This is one reason that there may be a trail coming into this lake from Ima Lake if you take the time to look for it. Solitude has a little island on its west end at the opening to a shallow bay where the creek flows out of Solitude Lake heading for Ensign Lake. There are several shallow bays and some points to explore along the lakes relatively complex shoreline. It is unknown if there is anything worth fishing for in Solitude Lake.

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