Eagle Mountain - Highest Point in Minnesota and surrounding area

Eagle Mountain - Highest Point in Minnesota

To reach this top of Minnesota (Eagle Mountain), you hike the Eagle Mountain Trail. Check it out.

Highest Point in Minnesota
This is the marker at the top of Eagle Mountain. Eagle Mountain is the highest point in the State of Minnesota. Note, that this marker is back in the woods and there is no panoramic view from here. But, it is the official location of the high point. The elevation is 2,301 feet. Interestingly, the lowest point in Minnesota is not very far away. That is the shore of Lake Superior.

View from near the summit of Eagle Mountain - Highest Point in Minnesota
A view from near the true summit of Eagle Mountain. To get to the marker shown above, there is a path marked by cairns that leads back into the woods. Takes a couple of minutes to reach the summit marker from this view point.

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