Campsite on Sandpit Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Sandpit Lake

Sandpit Lake Campsite 1
Best spot to land canoe is just to the right of the pine tree that is just left of the center of your view. It is not a great place to beach a canoe as it is rocky and the water gets deep quick. You will likely have to get your feet wet, especially if in solo canoe.

Sandpit Lake Campsite 2
Here you are looking to the southeast toward the small bay located in that part of the lake. The campsite provides excellent views of most of Sandpit Lake. You won't be alone often at this site as Sandpit Lake hosts a lot of traffic. Three BWCA routes converge on this lake.

Sandpit Lake Campsite 3
The cooking area and the big rock. That big rock has seen countless visitors over the past century or two.

Sandpit Lake Campsite 4
Another view of the campsite. You are looking towards the east.

Taking a short tour of the only campsite on Sandpit Lake.

Sandpit Lake Campsite 5
The tent pad area just behind the cooking area.

Sandpit Lake Campsite 6
Another larger spot to pitch your tent. The better of the two obvious spots perhaps?

Sandpit Lake Campsite 7
You could potentially put up another tent here just to the left of that big rock.

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