Log of Previous Updates to this website

Previous Updates to BWCAwild.com

September 22, 2019 Update:
Additional lakes, portages and campsites which are most easily accessible from BWCA Entry Point 22 and 23 - Mudro Lake, are now added to the website.

The new lakes are:
Mudro Creek (previously was included on the Mudro Lake page, but now has its own page)
Picket Lake (a non-BWCA lake near the entry point - therefore not a lot of data on it)
Fourtown Creek (previously was included on the Fourtown Lake page, but now has its own page)
Sandpit Lake
Range Lake
Range River (limited data so far)
Tin Can Mike Lake (limited data so far)

Also, Mudro Lake has been extensively updated.

All the portages connecting these lakes are now added to the website. Also added the campsites on Mudro Lake, Sandpit Lake and Range Lake.

BWCA Entry Point 22 and 23 - Mudro Lake has been updated.

August 31, 2019 Update:
The following new lakes which are most easily accessible from BWCA Entry Point 6 - Slim Lake, are now added to the site:
Hook Lake
Keneu Lake
Rice Lake
Slim Lake

The five portages connecting these lakes are now live. Also added one campsite on Slim Lake (would have gotten more, but they were all occupied).

BWCA Entry Point 6 - Slim Lake is also now on the website.

August 11, 2019 Update:
The following lakes have been added to the website:
Lower George Lake, Karl Lake, Doe Lake, Fawn Lake, Long Island Lake, Gordon Lake and Unload Lake. Also added pages for Extortion Creek, George Creek and the Long Island River.

Added campsites for: Karl Lake (the north one), Long Island Lake (three of them on NW bay), both campsites on Gordon Lake, the only campsite on Rib Lake, another campsite on Cross Bay Lake (both are now available) and one more campsite on Ham Lake (think that is all of them).

Add portages for: Rib Lake to Lower George Lake, Lower George Lake to Karl Lake, Karl Lake to Long Island Lake, portage along the Long Island River, portage from Long Island River to Gordon Lake and the portage from Gordon Lake to Cherokee Lake. Also the bushwhacks into Doe Lake and Fawn Lake which are just north of Karl Lake have been added.

Additional updates to the website were also made and updated the home page.

November 23, 2018 Update:
Added additional information for the following lakes:
Ella Hall Lake, Fall Lake, Hula Lake, Mud Lake and Wood Lake.

Added campsites for: Fall Lake, Mud Lake and Wood Lake

Add portages for: Ella Hall Lake, Fall Lake, Hula Lake, Mud Lake and Wood Lake. Added the Four Mile Portage (aka Long Portage) out to north side of Muskeg Lake from Fall Lake. This portage runs between Fall Lake and Basswood Lake.

Made many additional small updates to the website.

January 26, 2017 Update:
Added seven more entry points and short section of Snowbank Lake Trail (along with west end entry point of Kekekabic Trail).
Entry Point #7 - From Big Lake
Entry Point #19 - Stuart River
Entry Point #24 - Fall Lake
Entry Point #25 - Moose Lake
Entry Point #26 - Wood Lake
Entry Point #29 - North Kawishiwi River
Entry Point #74 - Snowbank Lake Trail (west end of Kekekabic Trail)

Also added several lakes and portages associated with these entry points.

August 13, 2016 Update:
Added Little Gabbro Lake and all of its campsites
Also added the following BWCA entry points:
BWCA Entry Point 32 - South Kawishiwi River
BWCA Entry Point 33 - Little Gabbro Lake
BWCA Entry Point 75 - Little Isabella River
BWCA Entry Point 84 - Snake River

Added all the portages that connect these areas. Made a number of other small fixes/updates throughout the website.

July 29, 2016 Update:
Traveled the Missing Link Lake to Tuscarora Lake Loop and have added the following locations/updates to the website (shown clockwise in order they were visited):
Round Lake (minor updates to existing page)
Missing Link Lake (updates to existing page, including all campsites on the lake)
Snipe Lake (updates to existing page)
Copper Lake (new page)
Sora Lake (explored first part of bushwhack from Copper Lake to north pond)
Hubbub Lake (new page)
Howl Lake (new page)
Tuscarora Lake (updates to existing page including two more campsites)
Thelma Creek (new page)
Thelma Lake (new page)

There was a lot of blow down on the portage trails when last visited which was on July 23. The portages were also very muddy with lots of standing water. This was because of the strong storm that passed through the area a few days earlier. Was hoping to visit Sora Lake, Din Lake, Tame Lake and Mass Lake, but the rough travel slowed everything down too much to allow enough time to get into that part of the Hairy Lake Primitive Management Area.

July 20, 2016 Update:
Completed adding several entry points. Also added their associated portages (if they have one) and a limited view of the lake/creek for the entry point.
Baker Lake - BWCA Entry Point 39
Bog Lake - BWCA Entry Point 67
Hog Creek - BWCA Entry Point 36
Isabella Lake - BWCA Entry Point 35
Island River - BWCA Entry Point 34

Also added more photos and video for the Kawishiwi Lake Entry Point 37. Will update Powwow Trail page soon, but there isn't much to show as it appears to be in pretty rough shape near Isabella Lake.

July 14, 2016 Update:
Updated the base map used on many of this websites pages. Mapquest discontinued the previous tileset that was being used so had to switch. Like this one better. Visited the Isabella Lake/Bog Lake area and am currently adding that content. Here are two entry points - Island River #34 and Isabella Lake #35 in the 2011 Pagami Creek Fire burn area. Desolate but pretty.

July 4, 2016 Update:
Have now completed the updates for the trip that included the area of the BWCA around Cross Bay Lake. Also, have nearly completed the updates for the loop trip that includes the area of the BWCA from Sawbill Lake, up to Cherokee Lake, over to Brule Lake and back to Sawbill Lake.

June 23, 2016 Update:
Currently adding the loop route from Sawbill Lake Entry Point 38, up to and through Cherokee Lake. From Cherokee Lake the loop continues east through Vesper Lake and Gasket Lake and down to Brule Lake. Finally, down the Temperance River and back to Sawbill Lake through the "Fire Lakes". The portages between Cherokee Lake and Brule Lake on this loop are quite rugged. Not all data has been loaded. Should have most of the rest up on the Web by early next week.

May 21, 2016 Update:
Made a short visit to Cross Bay Lake area, including a short trip into the Hairy Lake PMA. Still adding some data for this area and will be for the next week I expect. The excursion into the Hairy Lake PMA was an attempt to travel from Cross Bay Lake down to Long Island Lake entirely through the PMA. Didn't quite make it, but did visit the southern part of Lucky Pay Lake (have most photos/videos loaded for this now) and explored a creek for a fair distance south of that lake, but not all the way to Yogi Lake.

May 6, 2016 Update:
Added South Hegman Lake - Entry Point #77 and a few of the lakes and portages around this area. The portage from Trease Lake up to the Angleworm Lake Trail is quite rugged.

April 13, 2016 Update:
Currently updating and improving the mapping/navigation functionality of this website and this work should be completed by April 17.

Finally located some missing data I had for Record Lake in the Fungus Lake PMA. These photos and almost 20 more minutes of video have now been added to that page.

Was hoping for an early spring, but Mother Nature slowed things down a bit. Still hope to get up to the B-Dub before end of April. Expect to start seeing much more regular updates to this website starting then.

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